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Love Travel Eat Right is a site about maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the go. But first a quote by Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC who said: "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food". He laid the foundations of modern medicine. He believed that the human body had an innate capacity for self-healing. His Hippocratic oath is still recited by medical doctors today, though not much endorsed or encouraged. Since Hippocrates' time, however, our approach to treating illness has changed dramatically but not necessary for the good of humankind.

It is a well-documented fact that most doctors receive little if any formal training in nutrition. It would appear that modern medicine revolves around a pill for every ill. And that's the way the sickness industry would like to keep it. Though I'm not a doctor and don't have a doctoral degree, I want to show you a much better way out of all this modern medical mess we somehow (to a more substantial degree) seem to have fallen victim too.

It's a well-known fact that heart disease and cancer are by far the top two killers in the US annually. Additionally, each year, forty thousand people will die due to unnecessary surgery and another forty thousand due to other errors in the hospital. Eighty thousand people will die due to infections in the hospital and a staggering one hundred and twenty thousand people die due to adverse drug reactions. And these are so-called legal drugs.

Allow me to show you a much better way to maintain a healthy lifestyle (while on the go) with the best nutritional plant-based food and advice available to us. On this site, we're going to look at the lifestyles of vegans and vegetarians and what it takes to change your eating habits for the better one step at a time.

Apart from fruit and vegetables and legumes and whole grains and nuts and seeds as well as other things like sea vegetables, miso and tofu, I'm also going to be talking to you about a whole range of issues. Such as vitamins, minerals, free radicals, antioxidants, antibiotics, macrobiotics and who knows what else there is that's all good for living a long and energetic life.   

But how difficult is it for you to get into a healthy eating program when for years you've been consuming all those greasy fried foods and then chasing them down with fizzy drinks and beers? Just thinking about giving all that up would seem like a nightmare. We possibly don't think about eating healthy because of the paranoia associated with dieting.

Will we even be able to survive this incredible undertaking? For me, it was easy as I had grown up around vegetables and took a dislike eating animal products. However, if you are considering a change for whatever reasons, you should start slowly. Changing from one eating habit to another too quickly is never a good thing.

Gradually drop one unhealthy food type at a time and as you see fit. You could begin by reducing the quantity and frequency. Alternatively, you could eat healthy foods and drinks throughout the week and still consume a small amount to the meals that you couldn't possibly give up altogether. 

After all, your body will also need to adjust to some of the more healthy foods you may not have eaten as much previously. There are ways to get around the confinement of healthy eating, so long as you see the bigger picture and stay motivated. 

Macrobiotic Diet

Vegan Diet

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I'm also going to talk to you about some controversial and taboo subjects such as "sanpaku", the Japanese word that refers to the three white parts of your eyes. San means "three" and Paku means "whites". While your eyes may be the window to your soul, your eyes can also tell you a lot about your health—more of this and other subjects to follow.

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Also as part of my Love Travel Eat Right journey, I'm going to take to some of the many places of interest I've visited so that you can get a better understanding of what it's like looking for the best plant-based foods there is when travelling around the world. It may take some time as there are still so many more places I've yet to visit.

What Love Travel Eat Right is not going to talk about is the subject of dieting to lose weight because if you follow the story here, there certainly wouldn't be a need to go on any of the more of these modern diets that consistently plage our thoughts. I'm sure that some of you have tried (with the best intentions) one or the other eating preferences without the rewards you were hoping to achieve.

On Love Travel Eat Right I'm going to talk to you most about vegan and vegetarian lifestyles but also to look at some of the other healthy eating habits of various cultures around the world. Though I wouldn't say I like having to use diet in its raw context, what I'd like to explore goes much deeper than that. A plant-based eating formula would be a healthy way of life rather than just a simple weight loss program. 

The thing is this - all these diets are mostly about losing weight but not necessarily about healthy eating habits or even about maintaining a healthy mindset. If you're going to eat better foods, you also have to have the right mindset, be proactive as well as have a positive approach to all of these changes. I'm also going to talk to you about some controversial and taboo subjects such as "sanpaku", the Japanese word that refers to the three white parts of your eyes. San means "three" and Paku means "whites". While your eyes may be the window to your soul, your eyes can also tell you a lot about your health—more of this and other subjects to follow.

There's a big difference in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. We seem to always be in a hurry to get things done, but we often neglect the most crucial aspect of our lives. We should never forget to put health before wealth because if we have health, we can do everything to create wealth. Not the other way round.   

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Love Travel Eat Right - Headaches

A common ailment I see rearing its ugly head ever so often is that many of us suffer from headaches, be it a mild one or the splitting migraine variety. You have to understand that when you get this problem, it's your body sending you a signal that there's something not just fundamentally wrong in your head but something more sinister lurking inside your body. Not unlike a parasite invading your space.

Unfortunately, too many, I've noticed, switch off their "headache" with a prescription pill - often prescribed by a pharmacist or a doctor. It's a clear signal to react quickly, much like switching off an alarm clock the moment it goes crazy in the morning waking you up from a deep sleep. What happens next is you reach over and turn the damn thing off. As much as an alarm clock is a convenient accessory, it's also an unnecessary accessory. You can easily program a time-slot to wake up at any given time in your head. Works for me and I've never had to own an alarm clock, and I don't have a doctor either.

Just like the alarm clock, you need to change the way you live your life for the betterment of your health. Taking responsibility for your well-being by eating healthy plant-based foods is an essential aspect to living a full and happy life and one without having a headache. It also eliminates the prospect of having to take those dreaded prescription drugs from your local pharmacy ever again.

Ever since being on a plant-based diet some 45 years ago, I've never had to experience a headache again. The only reason you might want to visit a doctor, I should imagine, is if you've had some injury or have pregnancy issues. Always remember that what you put in your mouth is your choice, and what becomes of it is your destiny. All this from a nutritional guidance counsellor who never gets a headache and who doesn't own an alarm clock. 

Smoothie with Chia Seeds

Love Travel Eat Right - Disclaimer

Please take note that the information on this site is designed for educational purposes and is intended solely for a general readership. The contents herein are not intended to offer any personal medical advice or to diagnose any health issues you may have. This information is also by no means a substitute for medical care by a licensed healthcare provider. For that, you'd need to consult your medical doctor or a health care practitioner for any advice should you require prescription medication.  

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