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Are we eating and drinking all the wrong foods?

Food Facts - Not only do we get to enjoy eating food, but we can also get a lot of pleasure from drinking food too. But how many of us know whether we are eating and drinking all the right food? In this article, I'll explain why we may have got it all wrong and what we need to do to change all that. In the meantime, you may want to grab a cup of tea because you may be here for a while. If you need to sweeten your tea, add a little raw honey in the cup and some freshly grated ginger. These are all good things for you. And that's just for starters.

Though we may know of several diets such as the vegan diet, the vegetarian diet and the macrobiotic diet, there are many other traditional and cultural habitats around the world. These are generally the eating patterns for sustaining a healthful lifestyle. Some of us may see diet as a means to lose weight but put - by eating and drinking the right foods; there wouldn't be a need to go on a diet.

Food Facts. The word "diet" is much more synonymous with losing weight and not necessarily about the healthy foods we should be consuming. You only need to go on a diet if you want to lose weight, but you also need to choose the right kinds of foods, not only to lose the weight but also to live a healthy lifestyle free of all those dreadful diseases that have plagued the human race for centuries.

Food Facts - Healthy Foods

Food Facts

Have we not been eating all the wrong foods for decades? Could this be the reason why we have to face so many dread diseases such as cancer and heart conditions? Was it possible that we began life by eating food from the sea such as algae and other sea vegetables? Now, all we do is consume a lot of toxic substances such as meat products and processed food with dangerous levels of all the wrong chemicals.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we should be concentrating more on the excellent food sources such as vegetables (including sea vegetables), fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains, things like brown rice, oats quinoa and millet. Meat and meat products, unfortunately, are not the kinds of food we should be consuming and here's why?

Food Facts Number 1. How many of you are aware that most of the teeth in our mouth are for grinding and chewing and not for tearing and swallowing. You cannot grind or chew meat. Chicken, as well as eggs, are not necessarily a good food source either, and you should not consume regularly? You'll find that most of the chicken you buy in supermarkets is genetically modified. Is it not a question why a particular chicken fast food outlet simplified its brand to just three letters? Is it not because the word "chicken" in their slogan doesn't come from a healthful food source and that the chicken we're eating comes from a genetically modified source?

And what about the beef you're eating comes from cows that are not adequately grass-fed. Do you remember when the UK and Europe had become plagued with "Mad Cow Disease"? During the cold winters, those farm animals get fed other animal carcasses which then get grounded into pellet form?  It's not natural for cows to eat the carcasses from other dead animals. They should be eating plant matter the same as us. Also, cows only have teeth for chewing. 

Food Facts Number 2. We have a more extended intestinal system similar to that of most herbivores, and there is a need to get the waste product out of our system as smoothly and quickly as possible. Meat products linger in our system four times longer than that of whole food groups. It allows for diseases to gain momentum. Cows also have a long intestinal system, and we all know what they should be eating. To maintain a healthful and prosperous life, we should too be eating more plant-based food.

Food Facts Number 3. We do not have any claws at the end of our paws. Our hands, as we call them, are for picking fruit and vegetables and not for catching and attacking animals. It's become far too convenient for us to go to the local supermarket or grocery store and purchase meat products so as not to get our hands dirty. Why do we not bypass the supermarket and go directly to a place where they slaughter animals. No, that would be too inhumane.  

Food Facts - Unhealthy Barbecued Foods

Food Facts

The biggest problem is that the human race continues to eat and drink all the wrong kinds of foods. We are supposed to the most intelligent race on this planet, but somewhere along the road, we have gone off course. Animals that roam free in the forest and open plains are far more intelligent than we are. We tend to move around the planet by emotion and not much in the way of logic. We tend to base our decision on only 20 per cent logic and 80 per cent emotion.

You don't take my word for it, take a look at any car or jeans commercial featuring sultry girls revealing bare flat stomachs. The whole point of these commercials is to sell lots of products that their best marketing teams can muster. They are all based on 80 per cent emotion, and 20 per cent logic and this is all brought about because advertising agencies know that people buy these products based on emotion and not the facts. 

In the good old days, movies were big on advertising cigarette brands and had actors and actresses puffing away. Those scenes are almost gone now. In place of this, we have a lot of junk food advertising. While cigarette advertising might be long gone, making money out of unhealthy food advertising is an ongoing motivating factor.

The same goes for most of the food products we find on our supermarket shelves. Giant corporations want to make money and lots of it, not only for themselves but also for their investors. You only need to see what's going on at the big-name supermarkets to see all the greed we're experiencing at our expense. Yet the average person still doesn't get it. The same goes for pharmaceutical companies. Big money gets made from medication we don't need. We can get all the medicine we need from the food we eat. But we need to eat right.

Does this not make a lot more sense, or do you think I'm just making all this up? As far as all the unhealthy food, we continue shovelling into our mouths; someone needs to take responsibility and put an end to all these terrible dread diseases known to us. Or maybe we need to take responsibility ourselves and correct all the wrong and somehow make it right again.

There is a need to re-educate ourselves and to put a stop to all these unnatural causes. Unfortunately, we've all get the wrong advice right from the get-go and the worst part - we're passing all this outdated information on to our children who are then passing it on to their children. Need I say more? We need to stop running off to the doctor or the pharmacist for mother's little helper at the first sign of a problem. We need to find the solution within ourselves, and those solutions you can easily find in the kind of food we should be eating.

You don't necessarily go to your doctor for food advice. Chances are, your doctor is eating the same kinds of food as you are. Most doctors are not there to re-evaluate your lifestyle based on nutrition but rather to sort out any medical issue you may or may not have. In other words, you need to take responsibility for your own body and what you put into it. It's that simple.

Healthy Foods

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